Arts & Humanities

Faculty of Arts and Humanities is home to a diverse range of high-quality programmes across the spectrum of contemporary and traditional areas of study in Arts and Humanities.

Learning and Teaching

We have outstanding, committed and passionate teaching staff, whose expertise and experience allow them to act as powerful advocates for their subjects. The wide range of our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes allows potential students to identify subjects and pathways closely aligned to their needs and aspirations, combining academic rigor with contemporary, practical skills of great value in terms of employability.

Career Options

  • Advertising Sales Agent
  • Museum Worker/Curator
  • Content Marketing Manager Strategist
  • Web Content Specialist/Editor
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Paralegal/Legal Assistant
  • News Reporter
  • Industrial Relation Officer
  • Market Research
  • Hospitality – Customer Service /People Management

Arts & Humanities Stream

Arts & Humanities Graduates who enjoy both the sciences and the arts (English, history, sociology, foreign languages, etc) will gain complementary skills including analytical reasoning, innovative thinking, exceptional communication skills and sound research and problem solving ability. This versatile set of skills will enable graduates to pursue roles in professional science and other industries.

Arts and humanities degrees cultivate the intellect, broaden perspective and foster deep learning. A highly educated flexible workforce capable of responding to different job market needs and activities is particularly important in the present fluid market. This means that as an arts and humanities graduate you will have an array job options to choose from.





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2 Years



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Working hours

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